6 reasons for an early morning practice

What are the benefits over an evening class if any? If you have ever thought about starting an early morning practice read on and get inspired!

  1. In the morning you feel tighter than you do at the end of the day after we’ve spent hours moving, this is not a reason to avoid practice, all the more reason to step on the mat or reformer machine first thing! When we wake up our natural instinct is to stretch to release the tension that has built up overnight, when we don’t stretch in the morning this tension builds up causing tight muscles and those well known aches and pains.
  2. Have you noticed that whatever time you practice you feel energised after? Movement is a natural way to boost your energy.  Movement is a vitamin for your body. Take those vitamins at the beginning of the day and be buzzing throughout your day.
  3. The core movements increase circulation to the internal organs and boosts the function of your body. When we practice in the morning for example we fire up our digestion, making it more efficient at metabolising food and releasing toxins, that doesn’t mean you can have an extra biscuit at elevensies though! A healthy and fired up digestive system absorbs vitamins and minerals more efficiently so have an apple… With your biscuit!
  4. Practicing in the morning can make us less stressed for the whole day. Our stress hormone is naturally high in the morning to help us to ‘get going’, if straight away we add more stress we end up with one very stressful day!
  5. Clear the mental clutter. Before our days have barely started, most of us are already in our ‘to do’ list, early morning practice gives us a great opportunity to clear the mind so we start the day with more clarity, this mental space also means we can function more productively and efficiently.
  6. Feel good! If you have ever practiced Pilates you know it has the power to just make you feel good, imagine how great it would be to carry that feeling with you all day long, happy days!

Our early morning classes run on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 6:30am.  If this is a tad too early for you let us know as we can add more classes or you can book in semi or private classes.