“Change happens through movement and movement heals”

Joseph Pilates


Are you looking to feel better about your body?  Are you exercising and know you need to improve core strength?  Are you going to a larger group class and not sure you are actually achieving? Do you have the niggling injury that won’t go away? Or perhaps you have visited an osteopath or physio and been given exercises that you aren’t great at doing on your own,  and then notice that you don’t seem to be improving? Maybe you rely on expensive treatments hoping that one day you will be pain free, but secretly wonder if you will have to keep going at a high cost and wonder if you can ever feel better without that.

Remember when your body just functioned well, and was of no concern? When you felt all bouncy and at ease.  Now maybe you’ve had to work a bit too hard, or you have to sit still for longer hours. Throw into that eating not so well, drinking and some stress, loss or heartbreak along the way. So you perhaps think about running or train for a 10k run, and then injure yourself. Overtrained, undertrained and being stressed is now a common thing.

We are a group of Pilates teachers and movement specialists who can you help you get a body that is less stiff and painful, look better, and a core that feels strong and functional wherever you are in your current life’s journey. Whether you have to sit long hours at work, feel stiff, have back pain, into exercise but injured, or pregnant or had a baby and losing your body confidence.

At Grove Pilates we offer smaller bespoke classes so we can ensure you get the attention you need.  Read on about the studio, teaching backgrounds and qualifications. Or choose a group class, private or semi private session in any of our services. 

visit the timetable to book a class or contact us for a private session 

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Our studio has two separate spaces, one light and airy space for mat based work and one homely space for reformer and equipment practices.  The equipment studio is stocked with all main studio apparatus, reformers, a cadillac, chair and ladder.

We offer classes and therapies to make a real difference to how you move, look and function: mat Pilates, reformer Pilates, Gait realignment Therapy, Spiral Stabilization, the MUTU System with a MUTU Pro and Barrefit.


We are trained to the highest industry standards with internationally recognised training in Pilates and other practices.

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    Tish Dodson

    Studio owner and gait realignment therapist.

Tish is the studio owner and manager. She will be your point of contact for booking and assessments.

Tish took over Grove Pilates from Anaya Grover. Passionate about movement, Tish is a yoga teacher, Spiral Stabilization practitioner, certified MUTU Pro and gait realignment therapist (Anatomy in Motion). Her belief is that no one needs to be in pain and the body is perfectly designed to move out of pain and self-heal. Through yoga, pilates, massage and gait therapy we can easily maintain a happy, healthy back and body.

Tish has run Jiva Health, a yoga and pilates studio in Earlsfield and Wimbledon for 10 years. She works with the best in the anatomical field to further her knowledge of movement without tension. She only works with experienced pilates teachers at Grove Pilates.

Tish will be your contact for all enquiries and booking.

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    Ashley Van Dyke

    Mat and Studio Teacher

Ashley is an experienced, passionate and energetic Pilates Instructor. She has extensive rehabilitation experience working with Physiotherapists and as a Physio-assistant. She is also an experienced Anatomy in Motion practitioner (gait therapy) and yoga teacher. And deeply into meditation. She believes a healthy mind is a result of a balanced and pain free body, regardless of age and injury. She maintains a fun and cheerful and vibrant atmosphere in the studio, so you will always leave her sessions refreshed, upbeat and having really looked after your body.

Pilates and movement are a way of life for Ashley, she thrives on new challenges and will go above and beyond to help you. She is trained in both New York/Classic, Stott and Polestar Pilates. She prefers the Joseph Pilates classical style as she believes you get stronger more quickly. Ashley prides herself on constantly updating and educating her knowledge of Pilates and movement. She has also completed her Pre and Post Natal Pilates training and regularly works with pregnant and post natal clients.

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    Emily Altneu

    Mat and Studio Teacher

Emily has been teaching since 2009 after training in Musical Theatre. She has been participating in Pilates herself for over fifteen years. Emily views her approach to fitness as part regenerative and part preventive. Not to sound too cliché but to her it is all about enjoying a long, happy and healthy, fit life.

Emily trained in Pilates under Cat Booker of Drummond Education. They adopt a classic Pilates approach for the 21st century. They use Rael Isacowitz and Karen Clippinger as their base with a nod to Pilates on Fifth. She gained her reformer training under Joanne Cobbe of JPilates. JPilates strike a balance between honouring the classical repertoire and teaching an evolved approach. She continued her training with a master teacher from The Pilates Center, Boulder Colorado. The Pilates Center have a direct link to Romana Kryzanowska; Joseph Pilates’ protégé. Additionally Emily is a personal trainer, pre and post natally qualified and a barre teacher.

Emily teaches mat and reformer classes and is available for semi-private machine and private classes. She always carries a smile and positive approach to looking after you.

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    Corey Annand

    Mat and Reformer Teacher

Carmen is trained by Body Art Science (BASI) Pilates. She has been practicing Pilates regularly for years to help condition the body and help prevent injury. Carmen is a popular teacher for both reformer and mat classes.  She is a long term client of Grove Pilates herself and trains regularly with our teachers.

A client recently said “I just wanted to let you know what a brilliant teacher Carmen is. Myself and others in the class agreed she is the best teacher we have had. She explains things really well and makes sure we do everything correctly while still making the classes really enjoyable.”

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    Tunde Olayera

    Mat and Studio Teacher

Tunde has always been enthusiastic about exercise, participating in many forms of physical training over the years, ranging from gymnastics at a young age, aerobics; circuit training; running; yoga and Pilates. Initially Tunde began attending Pilates classes due to a persistent knee injury caused by the impact of physical training, she was so impressed with the overall benefits of Pilates and she has never looked back. She has been practising Pilates for the past 10 years and because of her desire to share the many benefits of Pilates with others, she trained as a Body Control Pilates teacher.

Tunde is passionate about Pilates and has a safe and friendly approach to teaching. She enjoys working with a wide range of clients helping them to achieve their health and fitness goals. She teaches private one-to-one sessions, which is great for those requiring individual attention. Tunde also teaches group matwork classes, incorporating the use of small equipment. Clients regularly give feedback of greater body awareness, improved fitness levels and overall wellbeing. She has recently trained in reformer Pilates and will be available for private sessions.

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    Corey Annand

    Mat and Reformer Teacher

Corey is a professional dancer and Body Art Science (BASI) certified Pilates instructor. Corey began practicing Pilates at the age of 9 along side classical ballet training to help condition the body and help prevent injury. After graduating from Elmhurst School for dance in 2012 Corey has performed in various productions both in the UK and internationally before deciding to study to be a Pilates teacher. Corey believes Pilates is the key to understanding your own body and how to work with it, so as to be able to live a pain free life no matter what your fitness goals or vocation.

Corey is a popular teacher for both reformer and mat classes

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    Olivia Stott

    Barrefit Teacher

Olivia trained in Dance and Musical Theatre at The Urdang Academy in London. Alongside her training she fell in love with Health and Fitness, and regularly took part in fitness classes and events. After having such passion, knowledge and enthusiasm in both Dance and Fitness, she trained professionally in a fantastic workout and stretch, barre fitness. A class which combines dance, yoga and pilates but absolutely no experience is needed in any one of these disciplines.

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    Nadiya Hrystyn

    Mat and Reformer Teacher

Nadiya has been teaching Pilates Matwork method since January 2015 and Reformer Pilates since 2016. She received her qualifications through Body Control Pilates. She is also certified by The Centre for Women’s Fitness to teach Ante and Postnatal pilates as well as Diastasis Recti Recovery Method based on Pilates. Prior to Pilates teaching she was a qualified as a massage therapist and domestic nurse in my native Ukraine.

Nadiya is a dynamic Pilates teacher with a strong emphasis on alignment and precision of movement. Her classes are fun and flow well.  She focuses on healing through correct movement, and will watch carefully to see how your body responds to exercises.