New to Pilates?

If you have particular injuries or goals to work towards we recommend a pre-assessment.  This is a 45 minute 1-1 session (£45) with a Pilates instructor who will:-

  • introduce you to Pilates
  • guide you through the best practice for you
  • give you advice on working with injuries
  • check your alignment and posture
  • help you understand more about corrections you would like to make
  • If looking to attend reformer machines, introduce you to machine use

Do I have to have a pre-assessment?

If you would like to start with mat Pilates, no, you could simply attend a beginners mat class.  You would get more from a 1-1 session over a group class but it is not essential.

If looking to attend reformer Pilates (using the reformer machines to add resistance)  you do need to have a pre-assessment if you have never done Pilates before.  If you have attended 6 mat Pilates classes and believe you have the foundations you could go straight to using the reformer machines in a beginners class. However a pre-assessment is recommended to get used to using the machines.