Beginners reformer class experience

Beginners reformer class experience

Having been to a mat Pilates class about 5 years ago to help support my bad back…it was a slightly daunting experience walking into a studio this morning which appeared to be full of machinery. For the past 4 years, my regular practice has focused on yoga at the sister company Jiva Health, which not only supported my body but also my thinking self, as I grew awareness. My safe familiar ground.

I didn’t know what to expect. Was Reformer Pilates going to be tortuous, as the equipment might have suggested or would it help to maintain my back health? Time would tell.

In what was an unexpectedly intimate environment, my apprehension alleviated quickly as I got to grips with “the” machine (which itself is called the Reformer) and other equipment as I began to learn about how to move around the Reformer.

Alongside the group instruction there was time for the teacher to provide 1:1 guidance and hands on support to correct posture. It was a relief to re-engage muscles that I forgot existed, as my abs (and other body parts) shook! What a joy to remember that they are still there, hidden under my winter jumpers and they just need some more love attention to get me back to a better and stronger place. Having started to re-engaged my muscles, I’m feeling really excited about re-gaining tone and remembering the feeling of opening up in the chest region and being less hunched, it’s so releasing. My journey has begun and I look forward to my next class.

Ritu Vaghela

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