The human body is the ultimate healer

Gary Ward – Anatomy in Motion


Bring your body back into alignment and find the space to heal. Gait therapy is a form of movement/physical therapy based on the Anatomy in Motion method (AiM) to take you away from tension and pain. Think about how you take your heel to the floor to walk (grinding your shoes down on one side?), or how you push off your toes to go forwards. If that is off in anyway the rest of the body has to restructure itself for you to move freely. And perhaps it does this really well for a while, but then the niggling knee pain creeps in, or you have desk job, tight muscles from sitting long periods and your body is doing a lot of restructuring not so well and you are suffering with back pain.

Gary Ward has created the flow motion model of how we walk and a map of how we find centre in our body as we move. Re-centre, heal and find a way to live with ease or better function, without pain. It is the most advanced bio-mechanical and gait analysis and treatment on offer in the UK and as such offered by senior osteopaths and physiotherapists as well as some of our specialist teachers. Usually a 1-1 session as it is so specific to your gait – see here for a private session.  However there’s lots of corrective work you can do for your posture and gait in a group class as a really effective treatment for the whole body.

Posture realignment classes

These are a combination of exercises to realign your body, release areas of tightness and tension alongside some more traditional Pilates exercises.  Suitable for all.  The classes are small, and Serina, the teacher is an expert at spotting what your needs are.

Mondays 7pm and Saturdays 9amBOOK HERE