A revolutionary movement method for the treatment and prevention of pain in the body – back pain, joint problems, shoulder pain, sciatica, hip, knee pain and foot problems. It is a completely natural movement therapy to reorganise how your body is performing, taking away pressure and improving function.

Based on Gary Ward’s Anatomy in Motion as recently seen on Dr in the House.

It is centred on the way you walk. For example if you can bring back your glute function in the way you walk, you are effectively exercising your glutes naturally the way they are designed to work. As the way you walk is hard wired into your brain this creates an immediate change, correcting imbalances so that you move and perform the way you should.

We have Pilates and Gait realignment classes to incorporate the best of both!  It is a class unlike any other to restore your body to it’s best


““I am amazed, I woke up every morning with pain and wanting to stretch out my back or sit. After one session of gait therapy I haven’t had to do that. It’s made a dramatic difference” – Charlotte T”