“Be in control of your body and not at it’s mercy”

Joseph Pilates


Our mat classes are the Pilates Method of Body Conditioning and, as originally intended, true ‘corrective exercise’. Expect a vigorous, full-body workout personalised to the specific needs of your body. We have smaller group classes with a maximum of 10 people in a light spacious studio with mirrors. This enables our experienced teachers to ensure you are really doing the practice you are supposed to be in the right way for you. You may be attending for a challenging workout or to rehabilitate an injury.  Get the guidance you need and a great and effective workout. It’s not a large class where your are unseen, but personal training in Pilates.

With this in mind, yes, it’s ideal to start with 3 initial private sessions so we can get to know you and your needs.  Want to book these?  Let Tish know what you are looking for and times you can make – contact Tish 

Mat Pilates for your benefit

Mat Pilates will open up your spine and strengthen your core stabilising muscles so you can move with ease, perform better in what you do, and move free from injuries.  The exercises are performed on a mat using your own body as resistance and small equipment such as resistance bands, small balls, toning circles, and foam rollers. The small equipment helps to challenge and support the body, enhancing your workout.  It’s a total body workout for you to get your body bouncing again. 

Our teachers are experienced Pilates teachers who may also have other movement specialisations in corrective exercise, and bring this in according to what may suit you in your practice.  Classes are for beginners to intermediate/advanced practitioners.  If new to Pilates with an injury or issue that may affect movement we recommend an initial private 45 minute session – a pre-assessment or for best results 3 private sessions.   To book this please contact us with times convenient for you and a brief outline of injuries and goals.

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    Develop and strengthen your body, learn and then build upon the fundamentals. Use resistance bands, small balls, toning circles, and foam rollers to challenge and support the body, enhancing your workout.

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    A class to give you a challenging workout but which will also focus on refining technique with checks to see you are getting the most benefit

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    This class is for those with a sound understanding and experience of Pilates. It is challenging and will build your Pilates experience, gradually introducing you to the advanced mat repertoire.

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    Exercises to release compensating muscles to then strengthen dysfunctional muscles.  Exercises are based on the way that we should walk and move to be free of tension, pain and injuries and more classical Pilates exercises.