Gait Therapy – reset your brain to body action

As you move around during your day, you flow.  From here to there, or even as you sit you are possibly typing, shifting, reaching for things.  As you have a body you move.  In fact if you attempt physical ‘stillness’ the data machines you can hook yourself up to show you actually move more.  So what if your flow has been knocked a little?  Say as a child you fell off a bicycle or sprained your ankle. Perhaps you have done a lot of ‘little’ things playing sports as you grew.  We tend to pick ourselves up and move on.  And your brilliant body will do it’s very best as you heal to get around it. But perhaps that was years ago and you are still ‘getting around it’ and this knocks off a few more things.  Maybe your knee goes, or your hip or back. Perhaps your body doesn’t like your new job and tells you ‘in this way I am not sitting for this long’!

Gary Ward, founder of Anatomy in Motion, created the ‘flow motion model’ i.e. what we are designed to do as we flow in motion. Our most basic motion is walking.  Hence we call it Gait Therapy meaning walking therapy.  As you reset your brain to function as designed in flow you bring everything back to centre and your body goes ‘aaaahhhh thanks’.  Centre is a pain free, tension free place.  You can reach evenly, walk with a spring in your step, and move well again.  If you have a bad back, knee, hip, foot pain, the body goes oh ok, now I’m in centre I can heal.

To see more watch Gary on the BBC’s Dr in the House here

We have Anatomy in Motion practitioners here – Tish, Ashley and Serina.

Pilates and Gait therapy classes – Mondays 7 and 8pm; Saturdays 9 and 10am – book here

Private sessions – initial session £90.  Follow ups £70 or 6 x follow ups £360 – book here