The best start for your journey to motherhood

Feel strong throughout your pregnancy, helping to ease aches and pains. The classes are bespoke classes tailed to the needs and changes of your body as it evolves during your pregnancy. Maintain tone and strength in muscles, develop good posture and alignment, reduce backache, improve circulation, improve balance and coordination, strengthen pelvic floor and core muscles. Classes are designed to take you through from your growing bump to introducing your baby to the world.

Join a group class from 12 weeks.  If you have any particular conditions or are new to Pilates we recommend a pre-assessment (an initial private session for £50) to introduce you to the practice whilst pregnant or help you manage your injuries/condition as you practice. To book a pre-assessment please contact us with times you are available.

Group classes are on Wednesdays 7:15pm and Sundays 9:15am 

These classes take a maximum of 8 people and are very popular. BOOK ONLINE HERE and choose 2 for 1 mat class at the checkout to get your first two classes from the price of 1.

You can also book private group sessions with friends or NCT groups. Contact us here with a time suitable and number of people. Private groups start from £80 for 2 people or save money and have up to 4 people for a reformer practice and up to 8 for a mat practice. 


For a private reformer practice or a private session with your friends or NCT group contact us here

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    Bespoke classes tailed to the needs and changes of your body as it evolves during your pregnancy. Maintain core strength and help with a speedier recovery.

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    An award winning and medically endorsed program for healing diastasis recti and pelvic floor post birth.  Can also be practiced during pregnancy for a speedier recovery.

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    Reformer practices add intensity and challenge in a safe way whilst pregnant or after birth. Contact us for a private session or to create your own group.