Are you a mum looking to get back in shape? Do you feel that your body has changed since pregnancy and child birth? Do you leak a little when you sneeze, cough or feel you shouldn’t run or join your children on a trampoline? Do you feel like you still look pregnant or get offered a seat on the train as people think you are pregnant? Have you had a C-section and felt things have never been the same with your abdomen? Or do you just want to fit back into those pre-pregnancy clothes?

You can feel stronger with a better functioning body than before pregnancy. The MuTu System is a proven, step by step training for mums, and mums to be.

From 30th October Tish will be offering a class on Mondays at 9:30am. Register your interest.  In the meantime we offer private sessions or sessions with friends here.

Initial assessment – 45 mins £45 / With friends – 1 hour – £60


“Tish is a mother and so knowledgable about DR and getting the flat tummy any mum would like. She provides a professional service and tailor made my session with her to exactly what I needed. I booked 90 mins with her which was the best session in my life – Jyoti”


Mums are busy women who sometimes struggle for ‘me time’.  The MuTu System is a proven post baby recovery program that you can do from the comfort of your own home with just a little time.  It comprises so much more than just exercise but the basic program is four ‘core phase’ videos 7 minutes long.  And four ‘intensives’ that are safe post natal workouts including natural effective movement to get back your body confidence.  You will work into a sweat and feel it working without doing a plank or sit up that are potentially unsafe for post natal recovery.  You can be in your pyjamas, hair a mess, no make up and doing a short workout (with kids clambering over you if it’s not some time out) that allows you to feel confident about your body again.

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For 15% discount on the online programme please contact Tish, a certified MuTu Pro and alignment specialist