Private Pilates classes are perfect for addressing your individual needs, quicker progression and helping you to reach your goals

Manage and work through any injuries. Our highly knowledgeable teachers, many of whom have the highest and most up to date training that you can have in physical issues, are skilled at looking at your alignment and working with you on exactly what you need to improve your strength and mobility and help you create the body you wish for, whether that’s lean and conditioned, pain free, or just easier

Pilates private
private reformer

We offer private sessions in mat and reformer classes and the specialist practices, gait realignment therapy and Spiral Stabilization


Enjoy a 1-1 session to address your needs and see the quickest results

  • Recovery from injuries – back pain, knee and hip issues and more

  • Counter postural problems from desk based work and prolonged sitting
  • Keeping fit during pregnancy and recovering quickly after giving birth

  • Improving performance in your chosen sport

  • Maintaining mobility in your later years

Mat or reformer?

Reformer machines usually offer quicker progression as they provide added resistance during your practice, however sometimes you don’t get the understanding of how to do a particular exercise until you have covered the foundation on a mat. Our teachers work with both and can recommend what is right for you and/or do a mixed practice in your session. For a private session we go through your injuries and goals and set up the session with the appropriate teacher who will guide you through the practice

Initial 1-1 session – 45 minutes £50

60 minute session – £70


5 x 1 hour sessions £330

10 x 1hr sessions £630

BOOK HERE Please let Tish know convenient times you can make and any injuries or goals you are looking to address


Get 3 x 45 minute £155

Semi-private sessions

Sometimes it’s easier with someone else there to give you encouragement and provide a fun atmosphere for your practice.  Or simply share the cost. We offer duet classes or classes with up to 4 people. Choose your time, bring your friend or let Tish know if you are interested to be put with someone else, and enjoy! We also provide private classes for mums/dads and friends and you can bring babies/children with you (subject to a few conditions which will be explained).

Duet sessions 1 hr session – £80 (£40 each); 5 x 1 hr sessions – £350; 10 x 1hr sessions – £720

3 people 1 hr session – £96 (£32 each); 5 x 1 hr sessions – £427.50; 10 x 1hr sessions – £780

4 people 1 hr session – £104 (£26 each); 5 x 1 hr session – £612.50; 10 x 1hr sessions – £900

Packages of 5 sessions are valid for 2 months, 10 sessions for 6 months

TO BOOK – please contact Tish on 07887850882 or email here

Pilates has changed my body, doing away with my back problems, making me fitter and stronger (and leaner), and also changed my life to the point that I am now qualifying to be a Pilates teacher … thanks to the initial inspiration provided by the great teachers I have met at Grove


We have had duet sessions with Ashley. It’s great being able to set our own pace and objectives in close partnership with the teacher. Ashley is knowledgeable, down to earth and enthusiastic about Pilates and her other movement practices (gait therapy).  She keeps us motivated, provides a great workout and my body has never been better.

Sarah and Jon