Based on Gary Ward’s ‘Anatomy in Motion (AiM)‘ and your gait, it is a movement practice for the treatment and prevention of pain in the body – back pain, joint problems, shoulder pain, sciatica, hip, knee pain and foot problems. It is a completely natural movement therapy to reorganise how your body is performing, taking away tension and improving function

As recently showcased in ‘Doctor in the House’ by Gary Ward – Anatomy in Motion founder and winner of the Global Barefoot Awards 2016

gait therapy

Gait therapy is treating the natural flow of the body in motion as opposed to having your alignment changed on a massage bed, or even trying to focus on isolated muscle groups and working hard to recruit muscles. This means using the most natural movement you put your body back in the right place. Effectively you remind the body that it does not have to compensate.  You realign the body in a mechanical sense to reduce the pressure.

Tish, Serina or Ashley, all AiM practitioners, will view and analyze your movement patterns and gait cycle to find what is happening or not happening in the body and help you find your way back to your natural alignment and centre. It is a head to toe assessment as we find the cause of the problem to treat the cause and not the symptom.

whether you are using one leg more than the other, where you are striking your heel, how your ankle moves, how well your hips extend, the position of your pelvis, how you rotate, your arm swing, your shoulder and head position……and a whole lot more. We then bring you into natural corrective exercises based on the way we walk, to re-educate your brain and body and to get both talking to each other so that the whole body moves the way it should – with ease.  This is more than strengthening a muscle.  You will get the whole body talking.

What does it do?

  • In the first session you will feel easier, lighter, able to move in a better way
  • improve posture
  • improve function and performance through the whole body
  • move the body away from tension and pain
  • reset the body to it’s natural centre

A long term solution out of tension and pain

Luckily the way you walk is a hard wired circuit in your brain, drumming along in the background, in the same way as breathing, chewing and swallowing. So if you imagine a drum has gone off beat, this treatment re-sets that beat.  That beat will not change, as long as you move well.  Of course, you can’t change your job, give up your sofa and not wear shoes.  But you will re-educate you body and brain and understand how you can do a few simple movements regularly to just re-check the beat. You will understand it.  It may take one session, it may take up to 6, but then you will get a body awareness to always be able to take the pressure away.

What does a session involve?

  • A full biomechanical assessment of your body standing and in movement – similar to an osteo or physio assessment
  • Gait analysis
  • Correctional exercises to realign the body


Initial 70 min session:  £90/ (includes assessment, treatment and a full written report with exercises)

All clients see a massive improvement in one session but follow up sessions are available to maximise movement and performance

Follow up 60 min treatment sessions – £70

Packages: 6 – 60 min sessions for £360


I am amazed, I woke up every morning with pain and wanting to stretch out my back or sit. After one session I haven’t had to do that. It’s made a dramatic difference

Charlotte T

I was recommended surgery for a slipped disc and was in so much pain I believed this was the only option. I booked a package with Tish and made a few amendments to my lifestyle from shoes to changing my position at work. I am a total convert to gait therapy as I am now pain free. It feels like a miracle!