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For a body in good condition, a strong core, back pain gone, injuries healed

Start from £55 for an initial private or get 2 for 1 for mat classes

For the most positive experience in the studio an initial private is recommended, especially if using the reformer machines, and we can recommend the best for your body. Classes are held in a bespoke mirrored studio so the teacher can really see and read how you move and get to know you for the most benefit to you 

Looking to join?

Join us for mat or reformer Pilates or specialist practices for issues such as slipped discs, scoliosis, diastasis recti and pelvic floor health. We support people of all body types and abilities from those with desk based postures to athletes. Fill out the enquiry form here

If you have done a practice before check our timetable

Or book a pre-assessment or household or semi-private session Contact us

Group classes

For beginners, or intermediate. Use your body and small equipment. Or practice reformer Pilates with springs to create resistance to assist or challenge you for better movement.  Our classes are small bespoke sessions that are fully interactive so the teacher will guide you into doing the best with your body and keeping it moving well

Mat classes are small (max 10, usually smaller) and reformer classes a maximum of 4 people

Private classes

The form and technique of Pilates can be really challenging, but so good to help you achieve your best aligned body. We have budget friendly options to then go into group classes. Or have regular personalised sessions from 1-3 a week. 

Pregnancy and post natal groups 

Enjoy private sessions for your own pregnancy journey or post natal recovery or make a group session at a time to suit you. We do have times available where teachers will assist with babies where possible. 

“Pilates has changed my body, making me fitter, stronger and leaner. I have met such inspirational teachers at Grove that Pilates is now a way of life”

skip to the timetable to book a class or manage your account, or click on the images to learn more about our classes


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    Pilates mat classes

    Our mat classes are small group sessions where teachers can really see how your body responds to Pilates exercises

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    Pilates reformer classes

    Small group sessions using the reformer machines for rehabilitation or an extra challenge.

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    Posture realignment

    Realign your body with exercises from the way you walk to feel immediate changes (as recommended by Dr in the House – BBC1)

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    The MUTU System with a certified MUTU Pro

    Classes in the award winning system for mums to restore core and pelvic floor health

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    Pre-natal classes

    Pilates classes to maintain/improve on core strength and exercise during pregnancy

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    Post Natal classes

    Gently recover core health after giving birth.

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    Barrefit classes

    Coming back soon. Classes combining barre exercises, pilates and stretches

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“I have really improved my flexibility and feel really good in my body finally”

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