"I was attending bigger group classes in the gym, but these classes don’t compare. They are small bespoke classes with teachers that seem more hands on and who are able to work with my needs and goals"

Olivia Best

"A number of years down the line I still attend the Monday evening group classes. Pilates has had a big impact on my life. Not only do I feel better, I like to think I look better too! I put this down to some dedication on my part, but more importantly, down to Anaya’s patience and enthusiasm, and her ability to pinpoint her students’ needs and developing individual solutions to meet them."

Maia Adams

I started Pilates a number of years ago and have never looked back. I used to get regularly occurring sore back and shoulder problems, but Pilates has really helped: I find that I get problems if I don’t go.

Mat Pilates

Develop and strengthen your body, targeting your core stabilising muscles. Small equipment such as balls help to challenge and support the body, enhancing your workout



Reformer Pilates

Add resistance to Pilates exercises using springs.  It provides either an extra challenge and intensity or precise exercises to rehabilitate an injury and regain strength


Pilates from Grove Pilates

Gait Realignment Therapy

A revolutionary form of movement to make immediate changes to posture, imbalances, manage pain and improve performance


gait therapy

MuTu System with a MuTu Pro

Reconnect with your core after having children, whether recently or years ago.  Find your strength, a pelvic floor and core that works, and a confident body


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